About Ever Vain

Ever Vain is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog aimed at the every-day female. Whether high maintenance or low maintenance, looking for a new look or looking to buy your first tube of lipstick, we aim to have recommendations worth considering, reviews worth reading, and tips worth trying.

When we say “every-day female,” we mean just that – anyone you could possibly pass on the street on any given day. Our bloggers are young, educated women with different health regimes, fashion interests, makeup techniques, body types, and beauty concerns. The one thing they do share is a rich scientific background. For these reasons, we feel confident in being able to cover a wide range of topics, issues, and products as well as up-to-date health information.

Many of our reviews are focused on franchises, promotions, brands, and businesses that are located in or exclusive to North America as our bloggers are Canadian and American. When granted the opportunity, however, we will have destination-specific reviews and articles.

We are not affiliated with or employed by any third parties, and our product reviews have no external motivations or incentives. For more information, please see our Disclaimer.

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