Julep Reece swatches (+ vs. Butter London Knackered)

Julep Reece swatches (+ vs. Butter London Knackered)

Julep Reece ($14.00 for 8mL, $11.20 for mavens) was described in their maven box monthly preview as a “gorgeous purple holographic shimmer reminds us of the NYC skyline at dusk.” Whoever the copywriter at Julep is does quite the lovely job. However, I’m not really sure I would entirely agree with that description. It’s currently on sale at Julep.com for $5.99 which is a deal. Check out swatches, reviews, and thoughts after the jump.


Julep Reece


Julep Reecee swatch

Reece goes on a lot darker on the nail than it is in the bottle. The holographic shimmer is still pretty visible despite this, but I’d call the overall colour closer to an “oil-slick purple darkened around the edges.”


Julep Reecee swatch

The index and middle fingers in the swatches feature Reece with two layers. The ring and pinky finger feature one layer of Reece over opaque black.

The difference between the two is marginal. Reece is fully opaque with two coats and can be worn alone. The black base brings out the depth in the polish around the edges, but looks the same from most angles. I would probably not say Reece is great with layering over other colours.


Julep Reecee swatch

I just have to say: I really hated the formula on this polish combined with the brush stem.  The first layer was goopy and streaky at the same time. Julep formula is either hit-or-miss with me and sometimes the brush doesn’t help so I thought I was overreacting. But then I went and another manicure with two other Julep colours and didn’t have the same problem so it’s definitely this formula.

The polish was gooped up on the brush stem so I basically  had to scrape it off the sides to make sure it didn’t drip. Then the polish itself, again, was streaky with applied. The streakiness was not apparent over the black even with one layer. It evened out with two layers, thank goodness, but my first application on my middle finger was unsalvageable and I actually had to completely redo it. I’m sure it’ll help with a bit of nail polish thinner. Keep it in mind if you’re interested in purchasing.

The polish itself dried relatively quickly, but did not dry smooth and flat. It was chunky and slightly textured due to the glitter, but BL Knackered (which I talk about below) does not have this problem. It’s nothing a layer of top coat won’t solve, but it’ll still look vaguely textured even with that.

Overall, Reece is a nice polish to have for the fall, but not nearly as dreamy as I was expecting which is a crying shame. It needs some formula fix, but if you’re looking for a close dupe for Butter London Knackered at (currently) a portion of the price, it’s not a bad substitute.



Julep Reece vs. Butter London Knackered


Julep Reece vs. Butter London Knackered

As I mentioned yesterday, Reece is a sister if not a twin to Butter London’s famously loved Knackered. I took another picture to show you that Reece definitely is a bit darker in the bottle. Unlike Knackered, the duochrome shift in Reece is barely visible on the nail and only from certain angles. Over black, though, the two look almost the same. Reece might be slightly darker, but it’s not really noticeable in real life. From certain angles, they both flash green, but the green duochrome is definitely stronger and more inherently part of Knackered.

Reece is also, as previously mentioned, a two-coater while Knackered is clearly meant to be a layering polish. It mostly depends on what you want to do with it, but Knackered is a pain to wear alone. Above shows it with two layers — it’ll probably take three more to reach full opacity.

I strongly prefer the formula in Knackered over the one that Reece comes in, but it’s nothing unfixable. Mostly I’m excited to play around to see if Reece is layerable. Both are not necessary unless you’re a polish hoarder (*cough* me) but either colour would be a great addition to a collection.

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