Julep September 2013: Boho Glam

Julep September 2013: Boho Glam

Oh look, an update fresh out of the mailbox and into this blog post!

So it’s been a few months since I last got a Julep box, not since the DD creme box. Part of it is because I haven’t been really interested in the colours they’ve offered and partly because I didn’t care for the main product in all the boxes with the polishes. But this month, both the colours and the product intrigued me, so here we are!


Julep September 2013: Boho Glam box + Reece

This month’s Boho Glam box features the Bare Face oil cleanser and the colours Julep Kristy in dark blue and Julep Tatiana in orange shimmer. Julep Reece, which was described as a purple with holographic shimmer, was my weakness that I had to get. My usual profile is Bombshell but I didn’t want to pick up the grey Daria. After hearing about the story behind Kristy, I couldn’t help but go with this box… even though I don’t always care for blue and rarely care for orange! What can I say, I’m easy to persuade with a good story.


Julep Bare Face oil-based facial cleanser

This month’s box featured a new oil-based facial cleanser called Bare Face which was the original reason I was very interested in this month. Maybe it was the fact that the girl in their Youtube promo made it utterly charming and maybe it’s the fact I am forever in search of my next HG facial cleanser. It looks like it works just as well as a makeup remover, which is awesome.

I’m super excited to try this. My face looks horrible because my cystic acne decided to act up again… I have a purple bruise on my forehead from one of cysts so I’m feeling a little dejected. Hopefully this will cheer me up! Not that I don’t have enough facial cleansers already….


Julep Kristy, Tatiana, and Reece respetively


Julep Kristy


Julep Tatiana


Julep Reece

What can I say about these colours other than wow! Kristy is a dark blue creme that’s beautiful and elegant… I already have some plans for this. Tatiana, I liked more than I thought I would because I didn’t think I’d like orange! It’s burnt orange that comes off as almost gold… still not my taste, but I can think of someone who’d appreciate this. And lastly, Reece is ethereal an beautiful but… well, we’ll get to that in a moment. (And for anyone who’s curious… I’m wearing the suede Julep Nora. It was a quick 10-minute mani from last night. Which is why it’s already coming off. Eep!)


Julep Color Treat packaging

Another change to Julep that was recent was the cardboard boxes are the wrappers instead of plastic. I don’t have a particularly strong feeling about the change, but I am glad that these boxes are all recyclable. It’s the environmentalist in me.


Julep Reece vs. Butter London Knackered


Julep Reece vs. Butter London Knackered

My first thought when I took Reece out of the box was “Wow, is this a Knackered dupe?” I immediately grabbed my BL Knackered and put them side by side. I can assure you: nope, they may be sisters, but they are not twins.

Reece is a little bit darker than Knackered, for that reason, the holo shimmer seems more intense in the picture but they’re equally dense and shiny in real life. I haven’t gotten the chance to swatch yet, but when I do, I will definitely do a comparison of the two. Either way, they’re both beauties and I’m glad to have them.

This month’s Julep is a total win for me — definitely the best since their May 1920 box. Hopefully they can keep it up next month as well.

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