Hautelook & Nordstrom Summer 2013 Beauty Bag

Hautelook & Nordstrom Summer 2013 Beauty Bag

“I wonder what happened to Kyuu on EverVain?” said nobody ever because she died a quiet death and then people forgot that anyone other than Rykea ever ran this blog.

Uh… hi! So I’m having a tumultuous couple of months right now. Life, in general, to be honest. I moved to New York and now I’ve moved back and I’m not sure what’s going on?

But! All the meanwhile my makeup and personal care collection has been growing, to the point where I’m just going to have to go back and do individual posts about all the products. In the meanwhile, though, have this new post about the Hautelook & Nordstrom Summer 2013 Beauty Bag!


So as many of you probably already know, Hautelook is a daily flash sale site, meaning they carry mid- or high-end products at flash sale prices every day. Hautelook is one of Nordstrom’s subsidiary companies and tends to carry many of the same products as Nordstrom Rack — except you don’t have to fight people for the last product of your size.

While the site primarily focuses on clothing, it also carries some beauty products, and every season, Hautelook releases a grab bag of products in a “seasonal” collection. Hautelook already did one earlier this summer, so I was surprised they did another one. The second one was a little bit cheaper and more towards my interest, so I grabbed it.

For $20 (plus $6 shipping + $1 tax, so ~$27 total), I received 13 products plus a makeup bag. I think the estimated value of the bag was $120 or so. I don’t think it’s really worth that much but I do feel like I got my money’s worth.

But first off, I have to mention, does anyone else think from that picture that the blue/white polkadot was part of the beauty bag? I did. It turned out to be some weird… random… paper insert.

hautelooksummerbag02 hautelooksummerbag03

Anyway, despite the the pattern being on random cardboard and not actually part of the makeup bag, I’m really pleased with this bag. It’s pretty sturdy and insanely big, which I love because most of my makeup bags are pretty tiny and thus not conducive to carrying all the crap I need when I travel. Which is a lot.


Anyway, onto the contents:


Blow Pro After Blow Strong Hold Finishing Spray: I don’t really do much to my hair other than wash it, so getting hair products always feels a bit like a waste of a sample space to me. On the other hand, I occasionally need hair products, and since I use them rarely, it’s kind of begruding for me to buy them so getting it for a super discount is also A+ to me.

I guess this is for taking care of your hair after you blow dry. It also seemed to work fine as regular hairspray to hold your hair. It seems to work fine, I’m not really sure if holds, but it did make my hair less frizzy after I had it in braids to get waves.

Regular: $19.75 for 10oz
Sample Value: $9.50 for 1.5oz travel size ($2.96 if based on full size)


hautelooksummerbag06 hautelooksummerbag06-1

Lashfood Nano-Peptide Natural EyeLASH Conditioner:  First of all, I’m going to remark my disappointment that Google Chrome apparently doesn’t recognize the word “Peptide” (shame on you Google). This was definitely one of the products that got me purchase this grab bag. I’ve seen lots of interesting things on the internet about it, and one can never have too long or too pretty eyelashes.

I don’t really have an opinion about it yet, but it seems nice. I don’t know if my eyelashes are any longer or stronger than usual yet.

Regular: $80 for 0.17oz
Sample Value: $9.41 for 0.02oz


 L. Erickson Grab n’ Go Pony Compact: I am honestly confused why this is in a compact. I guess it’s a good way to keep organized hair bands if you have many of them and they tend to get lost (aka me), but otherwise it seems like superfluous packaging.

The colours are cute though! My hair is long again, so these will definitely go to use. I haven’t colourful hairbands that last in a while.

Regular: $12 for a compact
Sample Value: full size! (though I wouldn’t pay $4/hairband — I’d rather get Twistbands then.)


L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream: Another product I’m delighted to have! Even though I always hear a lot about L’Occitane, I never get around to purchasing it just because it tends to be super expensive and I’m already overloaded on hand cremes.


It does smell nice, but I’m wondering if it’s one of those things you have to use long term before you can really notice the difference with. Still, it’s a great size to fit into my bag… as soon as I finish the other one I already have.

Regular: $12 for 30mL
Sample Value: $4 for 10mL



Diptye Eau de Toilette: I don’t knwo why I thought this would be bigger. It’s 2mL and I for some reason thought it was going to be a bottle instead of a tester spray. Whatever.

It smells awful to me. I’ve heard a few people say they like it, but just not my type of scent. It smells a little too floral to be masculine but too musky to be feminine (and I like dark, heavy scents t00). Yuck.

Regular: $88 for 50mL, $120 for 100mL
Sample Value: $2.40-$3.52 for 2mL



Whish Orange Creme Body Butter: Whish is a brand I’ve sampled previously through Birchbox, but apparently this Body Butter is exclusive to Nordstrom company. I did see it advertised for Nordstrom’s anniversary lately.

I don’t know what’s up with the trend of lotions and body cremes that smell like stuff you want to eat but it does smell deliciously like orange creme soda and Creamsicles. <3

Regular: $54 for 34.8oz
Sample Value: $0.78 for 0.5oz



TanTowel Half Body Classic Self Tanning Towlette: I’m sure no one wants to hear me go on a rant about how tanning is a Western standard of beauty and how dumb and self-imposed it is on other cultures. So I won’t. But honestly, I don’t need tanning stuff and I’ll be giving this away. It’s just one item, no big deal to me.

Regular: $24 for 10 towelettes
Sample Value: $2.40 for 1 towelette


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked: I was really excited to receive this! I’m not really sure why UD names both their eyeliners and lip liners the same set — 24/7, especially since it doesn’t seem like they’re dual products.

Naked is a really lovely plum/rose neutral that is useful for most lips. I have a similar burgundy product I picked up last year, but this formula is definitely much smoother. Great travel-size item to carry. There’s a swatch at the end of the post.

Regular: $19 for 1.2g
Sample Value: $12.67 for 0.8g



Lorac Special Effects Mascara: Continuing in the tradition of having way more mascara than I’ll ever need for the next few  years, I also received this. I love Lorac eyeshadow, but we’ll have to see how this is.

Regular: $23 for 10g
Sample Value: full size!


Crown Brush Travel Set: I’ve heard a lot of people say Crown Brush was a really great brand for brushes, so I was sorely disappointed when I received these… the brush hairs seem coarse, poor quality, and cheaply made. Strangely, the brush stems seem nicely made in comparison. I think I’ll stick with my ELF brushes then. I already have The Body Shop’s travel brushes as well.

Regular: $11.13 for set (discounted to $4.45 on their website)
Sample Value: full set

hautelooksummerbag15 hautelooksummerbag15-1

Miracle 10 AHA Cream: I don’t know what this brand is, but I’m always excited to try new face\ things. Apparently this product exfoliates your skin, but it’s not a wash… it’s a creme. Hm. Interesting. Anyway, I haven’t had the opportunity to test this either yet, but we’ll see. It’s definitely an interesting idea

Regular: $64 for 50mL
Sample Value: $12.80 for 10mL


NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Vitamin: Like Rykea, I have a hate-hate relationship with coral because it never ever looks good on cool skintones (especially mine, which is medium). I’m sure it’s a great lipstick, but not for me. I’ll be passing this along to someone who can wear it  better than I can!

Regular: $4 for 4g
Sample Value: full size!


Mirenesse Lip Bomb in #22: The #1 reason that I wanted to get this grab bag. The lip bomb was touted as an “extra” item and was supposed to come in one of four colours – 20, 22, 27, or 30. 27 was a horrible orange and 30 was a white (to mix) and I didn’t really want either, so I’m glad my shot in the dark paid off.


I’ve been in love with the Lip Bombs since I received one in my ipsy bag last October. They’re very glossy, full coverage, and long lasting — similar to OCC’s Lip Tars. And with plural colours, I can now try blending them! Here’s a swatch of #22 next to the #2 red I received in my ipsy bag (now a less anemic looking swatch! XD)


Here’s another, with it right next to the UD Lip Pencil in Naked. The gloss really is a lovely neutral colour that goes with the lip pencil, which I think everyone got the same colour of. I’m really glad I received this one.


Please forgive my terrible skin, I’ve given up on it. But as you can see, #22 is a lovely nude-ish “your lips but better” colour on me. The plum works particularly well since I’m slightly darker. And the second is blended with the red, which gives my lips a lovely rosy tint. Can’t wait to play with these some more! Also, feel free to click here for a side-by-side comparison if it’s easier that way.

Regular:  $35.10 for 0.11oz (can sometimes be gotten at flash sales for ~$8)
Sample Value: full size!


Overall, I thought this was a really great grab bag, and definitely thought it was worth the $27 I spent on it. A generous estimate of its value puts it at $145.31 (including $5 for the makeup bag). A less generous estimate would put it at $89.87, which is still a very good value!

Did you get this bag? What did you think of it it? Were you happy with your products, and did you think it was worth the pricetag?


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