NOTD: Zoya Hermina

NOTD: Zoya Hermina

Hello my lovelies~ I’m so sorry it’s been forever since I posted… and even longer since I wrote a real post.

As I’ve mentioned, I moved to New York City recently to start my new job, and my life has been a bit crazy. I just dropped $400 at IKEA yesterday for furniture, so hopefully, when I finally get my life in check, my posting will be back to normal.

At least I have my camera back! I’m going to share one of the polishes I purchased from the Zoya flash sale I last posted about.

Please don’t mind the pictures. I’ll figure out a more permanent lighting setup soon. Sigh.


Zoya Hermina


Zoya Hermina

Zoya Hermina is described as “A pale golden-beige frost with silvery metallic highlight.” I don’t know if it’s my skintone, or the Zoya’s copywriter missing the mark on this one, but to me, that description doesn’t fit. In person, Hermina is closer to a peach-pink with a silver metallic finish. No gold in there for me at all. In the above picture, it looks slightly purple/pewter which definitely doesn’t come out as much in real life. The picture below, with flash, is slightly more accurate to life.


Zoya Hermina with flash

Zoya Hermina is a lot closer to what I imagined Sephora + Pantone Universe’s Rose Dawn to be. Next to each other, they do definitely look like they’re in the same colour family.


Zoya Hermina swatch

It’s hard to get a super accurate picture of the swatch just because it is just so metallic. Hermina is super eye-catching for a peach neutral, teetering just on the edge of work friendly. Thank goodness for its base colour. I had picked this colour out from all of my Zoya choices because I wanted something different, a work-friendly neutral colour that I didn’t have yet. I think I was somewhat successful. Though I haven’t tried Rose Dawn yet despite having it for several months. Oops.


Zoya Hermina swatch

The formula was okay for me. The polish went on smoothly and had no major application problems, but was extremely unforgiving of wayward strokes in the that manner Chanel Peridot (and dupes) tends to be, if you’ve ever tried the polish. I thought this would be the case when I looked at previous swatches of it online, but I’m a little disappointed it turned out to be true.

I’ll be a little more forgiving than usual since this colour is practically vintage Zoya — 131, when spring collections have already hit the 650’s.

Overall, a beautiful colour that shows Zoya had had it all along.



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