Julep: December 2012, Bombshell

Julep: December 2012, Bombshell

So I keep talking about how I have a Julep subscription and we’re even hosting a contest, yet it goes beyond me to actually bother posting a review about any of my boxes, doesn’t it? And if you haven’t yet, be sure to enter Ever Vain’s Julep Glitter & Glow giveaway!

I’m still sitting on swatches from last month’s collection, which I got the entire wardrobe for, but let’s do this first, since it is indeed December.

One of the things I do appreciate about Julep’s boxes, particularly this month, is that they are packaged very adorably. I’m not always into the wrapping paper companies send out, but this month’s was ridiculously charming and had sparklies. Sparkly snowflakes. I’m still a December baby at heart. ♥

Anyway, this month’s boxes featured glitters in time for the holidays, as well as an instant-warming foot scrub as the new product item. I picked the Bombshell box, which featured Cindy, a green, and Hilary, a copper. It was up between this and a box with a purple which I added on (and hadn’t received by the time I took pictures for this box) and a black, though I think I have enough different takes on blacks at this point.

On to swatches! Please excuse the inconsistency of the pictures. I was very distressed trying to pack for New York while simultaneously trying to generate enough pictures to have content to blog about for a few weeks. Also it kept going from really sunny to dark and overcast during the time I took these, which did not help.

One thing that a lot of people complain about — and I’m guilty of this as well — is the consistency of Julep’s polish formulas. I do appreciate how hard they work as a company by releasing new colours every month, and working slowly to improve. The past two boxes, I’ve enjoyed the formulas on their polishes much more than that of my first intro box in August.

I don’t know about the quality of the quality of the other full-coverage glitters from this set, but I definitely felt Cindy’s quality was very high. Also — it’s described as an emerald green. Let’s give a shout-out to the colour of 2013, eh? (I do love my greens.)

Cindy is bright, green, and incredibly festive looking. It has gold shimmer among the green, which doesn’t stand out nearly as much on the nail, but is still subtley flattering. I’m very pleased with this colour, and would be happy to wear it year round. I just love greens that much.

The coverage is pretty good. It’s not nearly as thick as Julep’s creme formulas, which are pretty close to opaque in one coat. Cindy you will definitely need at least 2 coats (pictured here) though there are slightly bald areas even with two.

Just a note, the label on the bottle of my Hilary was messed up and they tried to stick two on there to fix it. I ended up peeling both of them off and sticking them on top of one another so they are perfectly centered. Perfectionism is indeed my curse.

I wasn’t particularly into the idea of Hilary when I looked at swatches at first, but it does seem very versatile, actually.

With just one  layer, as you can see, it’s extremely sheer and can go on different polishes to get the coppery glitter overtone to it. I’m not into glitter finishes like that, but I can see how it might be useful for tip accents.

At two layers, it’s much closer to full coverage, but to be safe, I’d say this polish is probably at least 3-4 layers if you want the effect. Even with two layers, you can see how the polish looks a little thin on my pinky finger. (Sorry about the light glare here; can’t control the sunlight SIGH).

This is definitely an interesting polish to say the least, and probably not something I would’ve picked for myself if I hadn’t had it put in my lap in front of me. I’m glad I received it, though, since I feel like it’s something I might be able to play around with.

Guys, I don’t know if you know this, but sometimes I’m really dumb. When I saw the announcement that this was going to be this month’s product, I  actually thought, “How is this different from the Best Pedi Creme Ever?” Um, because that’s a creme and this is a scrub. Yeah. And then I thought, “Wow, it’d be nice if they made this for hands. I wonder if I can use it on my hands, too?” …Kyuu, they have a “Facial for hands” product. Which you own, and haven’t opened  yet.


Mostly, I attributed the second thought to the fact that my hands are perpetually cold, to the extent that my hands become painful in the winter. My feet, not so much, but I still enjoyed using this product for them.

The problem with the product, however, is that “instant warming” is a bit of a lie. It is warm the instant you squeeze it out of the tube, but I’m wondering if there’s a sort of chemical reaction going on as it’s exposed to air. It’s only warm for about the first five seconds you rub on your skin and then cools immediately. The amount of rubbing it does with your skin has no impact on the heat — it remains the same temperature after.

In fact, it’s more just like there’s a weak exothermic reaction going on at first, but your skin doesn’t even manage to absorb any of the heat from that reaction.

My feet did both feel noticeably softer after just one use, so I do recommend this as a product. It’s more than sufficient as a foot scrub, though don’t expect it to be anything more.

One thing Julep does really well is that each box always has a bonus surprise item, and this month’s featured the nail polish rings that quite a few Etsy shops have rolled out. Well, that and a peppermint candy which I ate right after I took the pictures, lol. I’m not so good with self-control when it comes to food items.

I haven’t gotten the chance to make this ring yet, because I’ve been so busy, but I think it’s a really charming idea. I’ll definitely post the pictures after I get around to it!


The November Wardrobe for Julep will be up within the next few days, provided I can actually edit all of the pictures. Also, again, if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to participate in Ever Vain’s Julep Glitter & Glow giveaway, where you can win your own free Julep polishes!

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