Birchbox: November 2012

Birchbox: November 2012

Welp, the spoilers for the December Birchboxes are supposed to come out tomorrow… and I haven’t even posted my review for this last month’s yet! I’ve had these pictures for so long and I’ve just been around so crazily and haven’t had the chance to edit them. This isn’t so much a formal review as “this is the stuff I got in my BB in November.” Sorry for the fail.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the box this month, as compared to last month. I think they flagged my account (or specifically they told me they put a marker on my account, and I’d told them I switched accounts) since I voiced my opinions very loudly to them, though politely so. As a result, I received a box this month I feel pretty pleased with.

As per usual, here’s the card featuring the items this month. I feel like for the box I received, they were super generous this month with five beauty items and one lifestyle item. It’s a good thing, though, since the Soyjoy bar was atrocious. More on that in a little bit.


Caldrea Hand Soap: I’ve heard a lot of good things about these soaps, but I guess I’m still not sure what makes them special? I guess it’s the same way people will go to Bath & Body Works to buy soap rather than getting something generic at the store.

I do like that these came in these sorts of packets, since they’ll be easy to carry around and use for any places that are out of soap. In such a case, it seems like a waste to use them when there’s only two and I have plenty of soap.

Full-sized product: $10.50 for 10.8oz / Sample value:  $1.94 for two packets


Feeling Smitten Bath Bomb: This month, Birchbox was encouraging giving as their theme in relation to Thanksgiving, and had handed out these purple pillow boxes (which the cupcake is sitting on) to give stuff to people through.

A few people had received male cologne in their boxes as a result, but I didn’t receive anything that specifically wasn’t meant to be for me. However, since I’m not a bath person, I had been intended to regift this item —  a bath bomb — to a friend.

First, I’d just like to say I found the idea of this product super charming and cute. In the pictures, they all looked edible and adorable. Unfortunately, mine came in my box crushed in pieces, and definitely not regiftable. Take a look at the super depressing, bloody, tragic state it came in:

I salvaged it a little for the picture, but that’s it. I guess I’ll use this when I have the opportunity to take a bath again. I’m a shower girl because I’m super impatient, but one of these days I’ll find the time to use it for myself.

Cute as these are, I probably don’t recommend them for a gift. BB wasn’t able to replace my sample so they kindly gave me points in return for it. They are super fragile apparently, since I’m not the only person I know of who received a slightly crumbled cupcake unless if you want to give your friends depressingly crumbled bath bombs.

Full-sized product: $10 for one cupcake / Sample value: $5.50 for minis on product’s website, $17 for 3 minis


ModelCo Lashxtend Mascara: I’m never going to use all my mascara, am I? I should probably just start giving it away to friends in presents because it’s getting to the point of tragic to have 6 unopened mascaras.

I’m not sure there’s anything special about this, but I hear it does make your eyelashes longer. ModelCo is not a brand I’ve heard of, but apparently it’s been distributed through a lot of subscription services recently. Apparently it’s an Australian brand.

The one thing I did really like about the product was that there was a small mirror on the back side of the product. The lip gloss also had this, and it’s cute and charming and definitely smart and efficient. It just makes me feel bad to toss a mirror when I’m done with the product as well.

Full-sized product: $24 / Sample value: full size! $24


Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray: Supposedly this is the product that makes this brand so famous. I just want to put it out there before hand: my hair needs all the help it can get to keep curls. I guess it’s good to have straight hair, but my hair is so thick and flat it sort of is impossible to style at times unless if I add heat or sleep on it.

I used this product briefly and I do like that there was no stickiness or stiffness that I get to my hair with some hairsprays, no matter what I do. Not sure about how well it’ll keep, but I’ll try it on my curls the next time I have a chance;

Full-sized product: $25 for 4oz or $11 for 1.5oz / Sample value: $6.25 for 1oz


Stella Cadente Miss Me Perfume: On one hand, I do like getting tiny vials of perfume because I think it’s fun to try out different scents. On the other hand, I feel  like the market has become so saturated to the point where everyone and their mothers have a perfume out. There’s only so much perfume I want when I’ve decided on the scents I like and want to purchase (Lancome’s Tresor I Love for spring/summer which I own, and Tom Ford Black Orchid for autumn/winter which is on my wishlist). I guess it’s also possible to try more, but eh… they’re so expensive.

I do like how cutely this sample was packaged. It definitely stood out from all the other perfume samples I’ve received before. As for the scent… nothing unique. It’ll be another one I’ll use up and stash. I can’t get through that fast enough because I won’t able to justify buying Black Orchid until I’m through all these samples.

Full-sized product: $69 for 30mL / Sample value: $2.76 for 1.2mL

Soyjoy Cranberry: Let me just preface this by saying, I have no problem receiving food in my Birchbox. A lot of people complain because they want beauty items, which is fair, but I wasn’t unhappy about the Luna bar in my box last month. In fact, it was probably one of the highlights considering how shitty that box with.

On the other hand, I do actually want to taste things that taste good and this was… not… good. I like soy. I like snacks like this. This tasted like cardboard sprinkled with bland nothingness. Bleh. Save yourself the pain and buy some biscottis at the grocery store.

Full-sized product: $6 for 5 bars / Sample value: $1.25 per bar.


Overall box value: $41.70 for the box, $40.45 if you don’t count the food item

As you can see, this Birchbox is much better in terms of value than the previous one (which barely added up to $13). Subscribing to Birchbox is a bit of a gamble in this sense. I’d I think I got one of the higher valued boxes this month, whereas last month I got one of their lowest valued boxes ever. I’m pleased this month, but since my BB is up for gift sub renewal, it’s definitely on the chopping block. We’ll see how December does.
Just a note: I’m not receiving any sub boxes, other than possibly Julep, during January because my living situation is just so tenuous right now. After January, I’ll reconsider how much I like each sub and decide again, which stay and which ones I’ll replace with other I want to try.
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