Smart Set Tops (The Beaded Top, Printed Satin Tunic, and Embellished One Shoulder Blouse)

3 Tops, 3 Useful Outfit Ideas (Smart Set, Silver Jeans Co., Aldo)

I’d never call myself a fashionista, but I would call myself a smart shopper with taste. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t from Gossip Girl Land (no matter how much some of us wish we were, even if only for Blaire and Serena’s wardrobes), so we don’t have copious amounts of money to throw down on designer brands. But hey, you can still look and feel like a Glamour fashion spread without breaking the bank. No matter what the style commodity is this season, there is an affordable version out there just waiting to be tried on and loved. Franchised retailers are smart, too, and know how to incorporate the season’s hottest trends into their reasonably priced clothes. You just have to pay a little attention.

If you’ve read a single fashion magazine this fall (or if you’re like me and have read at least 20 since September), you know that flashy (studded, spiked, or embroidered) collars and tunic-style dresses and tops are very “in” right now. Me? I have never been a big collar lover, especially not for over-the-top ones. As for tunics, they’re nice if you know what to wear with them, but if you’ve taken a look at passerby lately, you may have noticed that many people haven’t figured that out yet. Nevertheless, I’m a big fan of taking what’s hot and making it your own. I’m also a big fan of making it your own at a reasonable cost. Oh, and making it versatile. Never forget outfit versatility. So there’s the 3 Musts: Individuality, Affordability, and Versatility.

This past weekend, I popped into Smart Set to take a look at their winter/holiday collection. I tend to love Smart Set for two key reasons: 1) all their clothes has an element of class, and 2) it’s very affordable. Today I’ll be featuring 3 different Smart Set tops from this season’s collection and offering 3 different ways to wear them, depending on the occasion. The tops will be accompanied by bottoms from Silver Jeans Co. and H&M, and shoes and accessories from Aldo.


Smart Set Tops (The Beaded Top, Printed Satin Tunic, and Embellished One Shoulder Blouse)

Left to right, The Beaded Top comes in white (featured), bright red, black, lapis green, and radiant orchid and retails for $35.00 CAD. I bought it in bright red and black. The Printed Satin Tunic comes in laguna blue (featured) and black (grey) and retails for $38.00 CAD. The Embellished One Shoulder Blouse comes in stormy grey and black and retails for $25.00 CAD – I also bought it in black.

Life is full of dress codes and events, especially this time of year. In 48 hours, I got to use all 3 tops for 3 very different occasions: a job interview, a house warming party, and an afternoon coffee lunch-in/girls night combo. To demonstrate what simple fashion staples can look great with these purchases and how they can be worn anywhere this December and New Years, I’ve reproduced the exact worn outfits and also included where you can buy each piece. Hopefully this will give you a few ideas for some holiday fashion fun.

The Casual Interview Outfit featuring Silver Jeans Co. Aiko Skinny Jeans, Smart Set The Beaded Top, Next Black Jacket, and Aldo Froshay flats.

To be fair and even though most will attest that you should never wear jeans to a job interview, not every job is office-caliber, and not every interview is clean-cut specific. For example, I had an interview last Friday at a high security prison for “health services”. High heels or flats? Low neck or high? Jeans or skirt? Decisions, decisions. Ultimately I went with the above, because it was professional but not too professional, had a high neck that was classy, not stuffy, and shoes that allowed rapid mobility (you know, just in case).

A great thing about this outfit is that it’s also perfect for post-interview evening drinks, girls night, or dinner. Too warm and want to dance? Just ditch the tailored blazer. Voila! Fashion magic. As a side note, every girl should have a tailor blazer in her closet. It can turn almost any “meh” outfit into Ms. Bombshell Professional. I bought my blazer at Next in the UK while I lived in Surrey, but many American and Canadian retailers (including Smart Set) have blazers available in an array of colours. I personally prefer black as it’s most compatible with my wardrobe.

Also, the neck on The Beaded Top? While not a “collar” per se, it is beaded and flashy. It’s how I’ve chosen to make this season’s style mine.

Shopping List:


The Afternoon To Night Outfit featuring H&M leggings, Smart Set Printed Satin Tunic, and Aldo Schwetz peep-toe pumps.

The perfect outfit for those crazy days in which you’re floating from one event to another, one of which is a family lunch-in, another is a girls coffee date, and the third is a night out (from lounge to drinks to dancing to hello Mr. Hot Abs). Tunics are predominantly cute and fun, but if you want to “class it up”, add a nice legging (not jeans or tights, please, and if the tunic has a print, don’t choose a heavily printed legging too) and a high heel. Me, I like to use my shoes as colourful accessories, so I always have a pair of blue pumps kicking around, but nude or black pumps work, too, for the less adventurous.

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The Casual Glam Outfit featuring Silver Jeans Co. Aiko Skinny Jeans, Smart Set Embellished One Shoulder Blouse, Aldo Howenstein gold necklace, and Aldo Abrianna pumps.

Casual Glam – what I call the everyday gorgeous look. Skinny jeans can keep things casual while a sexy top keeps you glamorous. Add a pair of fun pumps and some funky jewelry and you’re set. Aldo Accessories really has some nice costume jewelry, which I’ve said in previous posts. The featured piece is edgy, earthy, and fun. I chose gold because it went with the shoes. Seriously, don’t knock matching your jewels and shoes until you try it. Although the Abrianna pumps seems pricy ($100.000 CAD), they’re currently on sale for 50% off, which makes them very affordable. I’ve gotten so many compliments on these shoes, so I do highly recommend them.

I’ve featured the Aiko Skinny in two of these looks, mainly because they’re do damn versatile. Why? They’re a dark jean. Also, Silver Jeans, while “pricey”, are worth the cash. They hold up well, don’t fade no matter how much you wash them, and they will make your ass look amazing no matter how skinny or curvy you are. They gradually became the only jeans I’ll wear. (It may have started the night my now-boyfriend made a comment about how amazing they make me look…)

This ensemble is also great for New Years parties!

Shopping List:

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