Sephora Collection Color Daze Blockbuster Swatches (Part 2)

Sephora Collection Color Daze Blockbuster Swatches (Part 2)

Continuing with my review of the Sephora Collection Color Daze Blockbuster (click here if you missed Part 1), today I’ll be looking at 42 eyeshadows from the 148-piece collection. The color ranges I have swatched today are the blacks/greys, greens, blues, aquas/turquoises, purples/violets, pinks, and oranges/yellows.

As previously mentioned, due to the sheer number of items present in the Blockbuster, swatches for the entire collection will be broken up over a few (edit: 3) posts. Check back soon for more, and enjoy today’s sampling!

Today swatches will go column by column, starting at the top left, and working to the bottom right, so from black to yellow.

Black to grey to silver

From dark hunter green to mossy green to lime

Turquoises and aquas

From blue-tinted black to a light azure

I have to comment on how much I love the blues in the collection. The top blue-tinted black is perhaps my favourite shadow of the lot. It makes for a gorgeous smokey eye with its extra blue shimmer and kick.

From purple to pale pink-lavender

From mauve to rose

From sun-burnt red to shimmery yellow

As you can see, there are some gorgeous shadows and colour groupings in this collection, allowing the artist to find a complimenting colour with relative ease. The only swatches I’m not pleased with are the greens. I find the chosen green pigments don’t mesh all too well with one another. The blues and turquoises make up for this blunder though, in my opinion. If you’re a big fan of green, however, you may not be as thrilled.

Have an opinion you want to share? Let me know what you think of the Sephora Blockbuster or my (horribly photographed) swatches thus far by commenting below. I can’t wait to hear from you! Until next time. xx

Edit: Click here to continue onto Part 3!

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