Sephora Collection Color Daze Blockbuster Swatches (Part 1)

Sephora Collection Color Daze Blockbuster Swatches (Part 1)

I gave a brief overview of the Sephora Collection Color Daze Blockbuster several weeks back, which I purchased in September and featured in my September 2012 Haul post. The post seems to be generating a lot of traffic and buzz, so I thought it would be a good idea to start swatching the 148-piece collection. Due to the sheer number of items, however, the swatches will be broken up over a few (edit: 3) posts.

Today I have swatches of the 3-in-1 luminizers, eye top coats, and cream eyeliners. Enjoy!

Can I just say yum?

Overview: 3 3-in-1 luminizers, 6 eye top coats, 12 cream eyeliners

First up, the 3 3-in-1 luminizers. Featured shades include silver, gold, and bronze.

3-in-1 Luminizer in natural light

In bright light3-in-1 Luminizer in bright light

Luminizer works to add shimmer, shine, and definition to flat and/or imperfect skin. It not only looks great on cheekbones, luminizer can also be used on your shoulders and chest area (a great idea for when you’re wearing a sexy, strapless number and want to draw a little extra attention).

Sephora’s 3-in-1 Luminizer powder formula (luminizer can come in stick form too) is airy and sparkly and can be layered from light to heavy. How much you’d need to use depends on your skintone (whether you’re light, medium or dark) and pale people may find the silver works best while those with darker skin may prefer the bronze. The trick is to use enough so your skin has a natural shimmer and not so much that people know you’re wearing it. Remember, too much of anything tends to be tacky.

Next, 6 Eye Top Coats in black, deep purple, burgundy, gold, silver, and white shimmer.

Eye Top Coats are designed to be applied over (i.e. on top) of your eye makeup to add a little extra glimmer and pop. I’ve honestly never used an eye top coat before, so it’s hard for me to have an informed opinion beyond the obvious.

I’m not a fan of the darker shades as I found them hard to blend – they seemed a little rough and chunky to me. The lighter shades, however, went on easy and smooth. This could, however, be a consequence of my pale colouring and not the consistency of the product.

Last up, 12 Cream Eyeliners in navy, royal blue, plum, gold, green, silver, black, deep burgundy, slate-violet, red-bronze, creamy brown, and light bronze.

Top to bottom: Navy, royal blue, plum, gold, green, and silver

Top to bottom: Black, deep burgundy, slate-violet, red-bronze, creamy brown, and light bronze

These cream eyeliners are definitely creamy and are very shimmery. The array of colours also lets you be as elegant or edgy as you like. Noting the consistency of these eyeliners, I’d suggest you use the underside of your arm as a pallet to properly mix the colour to get it to a good consistency before applying to your eyelid. This will also allow you to get the desired amount onto your brush.

Coming soon, eyeshadow! Stay tuned, my beauties. xx

Edit: Click here to continue onto Part 2!

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