October 2012 Haul: Essie, Benefit, Bath & Body Works

October 2012 Haul: Essie, Benefit, Bath & Body Works

And there goes another month; this autumn seems to be passing me by exceedingly fast. I did considerably less shopping this month (lack of vacationing and all), but I did manage to pick up a few beauty goodies for cheaper-than-usual prices. Rewards/loyalty cards and flyers are your friends, girls.

This month I picked up: 1 Garnier BB Cream, 1 Benefit Hello Flawless brightening makeup, 1 Essie base coat, 3 OPI polishes, 1 China Glaze polish, 5 Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial hand gels, and 1 C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries lip shine.

Left to right: OPI Nail Lacquer (x3), Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial hand gel (x3), C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries lip shine, Aldo Accessories Blain earrings, Garnier BB Cream (Light/Medium), Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Now brightening makeup (“I’m So Money” Honey), Essie Feed Me base coat, and China Glaze Ray-Diant

Garnier BB Cream (Light/Medium) and Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Now (“I’m So Money” Honey)

Garnier BB Cream (Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector): I’ve been reading about “miraculous” BB creams for what seems a year now, but I was always hesitant to purchase and try one as my skin is only slightly unkempt once a month (thanks, hormones) and I was really sceptical that this product could feel lighter, blend better, and yield more impressive results than a properly chosen foundation. Wow, was I wrong.

First off, I chose Garnier as it’s a brand I’ve used in the past and gotten great results with. Even when my brother complains of a dry face, I’ll chase after him with a bottle of Garnier daily moisturiser (yeah, I’m that no-boundaries sort of person). Their BB Cream comes in two shades: you’re either Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. As someone who’s pretty damn pale, I was very doubtful that a Light/Medium would blend well with my skin, but I figured that if it didn’t, I’d pawn it off onto my mother who has considerably darker skin. This wasn’t needed.

Not only did it perfectly blend into my natural skintone, it easily hid blemishes, felt like nothingness of my face, and even managed to even-out my skintone that I thought was pretty damn even. It’s difficult to convey how much I’m in love with this purchase without doing cartwheels, honestly. Perfect to get an even glow for a dazzling night out or hide the everyday blemish while at work. Highly recommended.

This product is available at most major online retail shops and also at every major and minor beauty retailer and drug mart.

Comparison of Garnier and Benefit skin perfectors

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Now brightening makeup: I received a 5mL sample of this product at Sephora and was told by one of their makeup artists that “I’m So Money” Honey was apparently my shade. I’m about 90% certain that she was wrong as it’s a bit too yellow/orange to match my fish-belly white skin (see above). I’d argue that the bad match is why this product was impossible to blend, so my review may not be that helpful.

Comparison after a single rub

What I can say with certainty, however, was that I disliked the consistency of Hello Flawless. It was very runny, and runny makeup is hard to apply precisely and appropriately. The above photo also shows how shiny Hello Flawless is in comparison to Garnier after a single rub. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never used a Benefit product that’s “wowed” me – most of the time my reaction is “meh” or “really?” – not exactly inspiring results.

Nevertheless, I feel I cannot give a recommendation at this time.

Left to right: Essie “Feed Me” Base Coat, OPI Red Lights Ahead… Where?, OPI Earth Chattering Teal, OPI Danke-Shiny Red, and China Glaze Ray-Diant

Essie Feed Me: I’m a big fan of base coats for several reasons, two of which are how they prevent nail staining caused by dark/bright polishes and that many provide additional hardening, hydrating, and anti-chip properties. Essie’s Feed Me is a hydrating treatment base coat for dry, brittle nails. I was previously using Essie All in One Base, but I find Feed Me is better for my nail-needs. Even if I want to go polish-free for a few days, I always coat my nails in base coat to give them extra shine and prevent them from cracking, chipping, or splitting. All in all, I’m loving this base, and for $8.00 USD, you will too. Highly recommended.

I will always recommend OPI and China Glaze, so it’s not worth discussing. Swatches of these colours will be available soon though. Stay tuned!

Aldo Accessories Blain earring set

Aldo and Aldo Accessories Blain earring set (6 pairs, 12 earrings). I have triple lobe piercings on each ear (in addition to helix piercings), so I like to wear a pair of long edgy or classy earrings in my first lobe hole and fill the other two with matching studs. This is why I bought this set from Aldo, as it comes with two sets of silver, two of gold, and two of black – perfect to compliment any outfit or style. Aldo and Aldo Accessories have a great assortment of affordable jewellery, hair accessories, bags, and more. And for $10.00 CAD, I couldn’t find a more pleasing pair of studs.

Available in store and online at AldoShoes.com.

Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel in Eucalyptus Mint, Holly Berry Wreath, and Island Margarita. I actually bought 5 of these, as you can usually get 5 for $5.00 CAD in store – a great deal. As you don’t always know when you’ll have to eat or reapply eye makeup, and if there will actually be a bathroom sink within reach, these are great to pop into every bag you have. Never hurts to be prepared. Bath & Body Works also has a huge array of scents, from unnoticeable to powerful – whatever you prefer. Holly Berry Wreath is from their Christmas collection, but I figure by December, I’ll be ready to place this one into my purse. Value buy and highly recommended.

C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries Vanillamint Supreme 2X Lip Shine is one of the many Mentha Lip Gloss flavours available from Bath & Body Works. The 2X is because this product has twice the moisturisers, which is perfect for autumn and winter when even the moistest of lips tend to get dry. I’m happy to report, it also works.

This lip gloss has a subtle, gentle shine (see above), great flavour, and leaves your lips feeling cool and fresh (the perk of mentha). These Mentha Lip Gloss flavours are all worth trying (my other favourite is Peppermint Spice Latte) and very affordable ($8.00 USD). Overall, recommended.

That’s all for this month, but come back soon for nail polish swatches, my fashion shoe review, and more Ever Vain-grade goodies! xx

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