Nails of the Day: Happy Election Day!

Nails of the Day: Happy Election Day!

Hello, friends. Short post today — I was going to have this done last night, but my computer ran out of batteries, and I’ve 5 hours of the last 12 traveling or on transit. The thing we all do to get the places we need to be… but no where else is it more important to be at the polls than election day, so it was no heartbreak for me!

Today we have my nails of the day: election edition!

I didn’t have time to post edit these, so yes, they are all unimpressive. I’m not particularly great at nail art either, as you can see. The other hand was supposed to say “Rock the” but oops. Didn’t have time and didn’t feel up to it.

I did discover a really quick and painless way to do chevron nail art quickly though, which I will be sharing in a tutorial soon.

Last, but not least:

My T4i ran out of battery, so you get thanks to my camera phone instead. Remember to vote if you haven’t already!

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