ipsy November 2012 Glam Bag (Canadian edition) featuring Nailtini nail lacquer, Starlet Intense Eyeliner, Eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream, The Balm Meet Matt(e) matte eyeshadow, Benefit They're Real beyond mascara, and myglam Glammie Classic Crease Brush & Brush Case.

ipsy Glam Bag: November 2012 – Canadian edition

I apologize for the lateness of this review, but my ipsy November Glam Bag didn’t arrive until Friday night (November 23rd). I don’t blame ipsy for this so much as Canada Post, who I’m having a HUGE beef with this month. They’ve also managed to lose my Glymm Box, too. So my Glymm November review actually be written in November is presently contingent on a unionized postal service that doesn’t give a shit about customer service getting its act together, and I’m just highly skeptical that it will thanks to my 23 years of experience with Canada Post’s bullshit shenanigans. Exciting.

But I digress. Kyuu has previously posted her review of  the US ipsy November Glam Bag, but I’m here to take a look at the first ever Canadian ipsy Glam Bag. For those unaware, last month ipsy expanded their subscription services from the US to Canada, too! While a few of the items were the same for the Canadian and US bags, my bag featured 3 different items. I’ve also included a swatch of the Nailtini polish without base coat for your viewing comparison and pleasure. Enjoy!

ipsy November 2012 Glam Bag (Canadian edition) featuring Nailtini nail lacquer, Starlet Intense Eyeliner, Eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream, The Balm Meet Matt(e) matte eyeshadow, Benefit They’re Real beyond mascara, and myglam Glammie Classic Crease Brush & Brush Case.

Like Kyuu, I’m not a huge fan of the brown cosmetic bag, and the colour has nothing to do with it. From the outside, it’s a very attractive bag. But the zipper in mine is constantly catching, and the material and padding seem to be of a particularly low quality.

What was in the bag, however, is a different story.

ipsy November 2012 Glam Bag (Canadian edition): The Balm Meet Matt(e) Matt Batali matte eyeshadow, Starlet Intense Eyeliner eye pencil in brown, and Nailtini Millionaire nail lacquer.

Kyuu has already reviewed these 3 items and I’m in agreement with what she wrote, so I don’t feel much need to go in depth here.

I rarely use brown eyeshadow as my hair is usually dyed black, violet, or red, and my eyes are green-blue, so brown doesn’t suit my face. Nevertheless, The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) does have a cute marketing gimmick, and the Matt Batali eyeshadow is of good quality. Also, if you love mattes, this is probably a brand worth looking into. Overall, recommended.

Liquid eyeliner has ruined me. I can no longer use eye pencils; they’re just so much more work, and the color is never as intense. Nevertheless (after the massive re-learning curve), I did enjoy Starlet Cosmetics Intense Eyeliner eye pencil in Chocolate. Well, I didn’t enjoy the colour (because brown + me = no), but the pencil works well and is easy to hold. Overall, recommended. I just wish I got it in Black.

Swatch of Nailtini Millionaire on nude nails

Nailtini Millionaire nail lacquer. Uh, yeah. Not sold. I didn’t find it particularly attractive on black (as Kyuu featured it), and it isn’t stunning on nude (i.e. base coat free) nails either. As I’m looking down on it in very dim lighting right now, however, it does have a nice shimmer. This is definitely a “lighting makes or breaks it” polish. The darker the lighting, the better it seems. It’s just a bulky, haphazard polish though. It’s not my style, but it may be someone’s. So, for that reason, partial recomendation.

Eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream

I received Eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream as a replacement for bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss. I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed I missed out on Moxie (there was an “unable to ship” issue), but the Eclos product is very nice. It has a fresh, minty scent (it’s not exactly mint, but I can’t place the smell right now). It’s a thin white cream that’s absorbed quickly by the skin and is non-oily. I cannot comment on its effectiveness, but it smells nice, feels cool and fresh, and didn’t make my skin greasy. For me, that’s a win, and like I always say, best to start using anti-aging products while young to always maintain your youthful skin and glow. Recommended.

Benefit They’re Real beyond mascara

While Kyuu received Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel, I received Benefit They’re Real beyond mascara. And I’m glad I got the mascara, truthfully. I’ve been really harsh on Benefit for every product of theirs I’ve reviewed on Ever Vain these past few months. Like I said to Kyuu the other night, “I’m 0/3 with Benefit.” They really needed to redeem themselves for me, and this mascara helped them greatly.

They’re Real creates a noticeable but natural looking eye. The formula isn’t too intense and it also doesn’t clump that much, which is a win. It gives decent length, too, and is easy to apply – very nice applicator. (Check out Vampy Varnish for brush photos.) In full, I actually liked this product and give it arecommended“; much overdo.

myglam Glammie Classic Crease Brush & Brush Case (from March 2012 US ipsy Glam Bag)

The last item I received was the myglam Glammie Classic Crease Brush & Brush Case from ipsy’s March 2012 Glam Bag. Noting this was the first Canadian Glam Bag, ipsy wanted to send along this exclusive product American subscribers received earlier in the year – a very nice gesture. I really like the case (I’ve needed a travel-size brush case for ages) and the crease brush is quite nice, too.

In full, I’m very pleased with my first ipsy bag and will continue my subscription for December. It will also be interesting to see if any further deviations will exists between the US and Canadian editions.

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