November 2012 Glymm Box featuring Lys Parisien Professional argan oil shampoo and moisturizing balm, The New Black nail polish, Honey Blossom eau de parfum by The Beehive, and Villiainess Scintillating bar soap.

Glymm Box: November 2012

First, let me take a moment to apologize for this late review. Many of you have probably already read other November Glymm reviews by now if you were so inclined, because – let’s be honest – my box should have arrived over a week ago and this review should have been posted then, too. I’m going to preface this rant by stating that the hold up was not Glymm’s fault. The blame rests solely on the postal service. Despite the package being processed by Canada Post on the 13th of November and, conversely, receiving a “expected before” date of November 20th, my package showed up at 5:30pm on the 27th of November. And I’m sorry, but that should not be acceptable. By the time it took Canada Post to pick-up and deliver my package, I could have physically WALKED to Montreal and back to get the damned thing myself. I’m just. So much rage. (For inquiring minds, I did file a complaint with Canada Post, but really, nothing will come of it because nothing ever does.)

All that aside, this month’s Glymm Box features Lys Parisien Professional, Villainess, The New Black, and The Beehive.

November 2012 Glymm Box featuring Lys Parisien Professional argan oil shampoo and moisturizing balm, The New Black nail polish, Honey Blossom eau de parfum by The Beehive, and Villiainess Scintillating bar soap.

Before anything, look at that bag. That bag is perfection. It’s the Jennifer Lawrence of cosmetic bags. It’s spacious, great zipper, nice material, and sexy as fuck. It is my favourite cosmetic bag thus far and I have an inkling I may have to start fending off greedy hands to keep it. Usually I’ll offer them to family and friends, but this one is hands off.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a full-sized product in this month’s box, and I’m disappointed at the size of some of the samples as well as the overall box value. But for a better understanding, please keep reading.

Lys Parisien Professional moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing balm

Lys Parisien Professional: Despite the name, this is a Canadian company, and I do love buying and supporting “homegrown” products and businesses. As Glymm is a Canadian subscription service, I’m also pleased that they aim to provide us with homegrown samples, too.

Both the shampoo and moisturizing balm are made with “pure and organic” argan oil. Argan oil is most noted from its nutritive and cosmetic properties. You can, for example, cook with it. In addition to culinary experiences, it is also used in skin and hair products. Research has suggested that the moisturizing properties of argan oil aid in preventing flaky skin (thus scalps) and also help to repair and fortify damaged skin cells (e.g. acne). Apparently it can also be used to heal burns. (The more you know.)

Both the shampoo and balm have a fresh-yet-slightly-sweet scent that I really love. After one use of the shampoo followed by the balm, I didn’t see a huge difference in my hair except for increased sleekness. It was silky enough and smelled great as well. Overall, recommended.

Product usually comes in 600 mL bottles and costs $24.00 CAD. The samples were both 50 mL.

Sample value: $2.00 CAD per bottle ($4.00 total)

The New Black Heliotrope nail polish from the Horizon ombre collection (middle tone)

Next, we have a mini-bottle of The New Black nail polish from the Horizon ombre collection (middle shade). I was excited to receive this item as 1) I’ve been dying to try this brand since I first stumbled upon it a few months back, and 2) I love this blue.

Swatch of the middle tone from The New Black Horizon ombre collection

This is a gorgeous colour that goes on easy. Great brush, good polish consistency. The colour has a gorgeous shimmer, too, giving it a nice, shiny finish. These polishes are also paraben, sulfate, synthetic fragrance, phthalate, GMO, and triclosan free – which is fantastic.

The only downside to this polish was how long it took to dry. Despite advertising itself as “fast drying”, I used professional RapidDry salon spray and, 20 minutes later, still managed to smudge my entire middle fingernail by petting my cat. In comparison, OPI tends to dry in less than 10 minutes even without RadipDry spray. This was the only aspect that failed to impress me, so if you do choose to use The New Black polishes, give yourself ample time to air dry. Overall, recommended.

Set of 5 mini-polishes sells for $24.00 CAD.

Sample value: $4.80 CAD

Honey Blossom eau de parfum by The Beehive

Honey Blossom by The Beehive: This eau de parfum is one of 3 scents featured in this months box. The other two were Alice Blue and Lulu Lemondrop. Based on my personal style and beauty profile, Honey Blossom was perhaps my best match as it contains notes of tea, mandarin, vanilla, amber, and patchouli. I actually bathed in vanilla and patchouli for years, so this scent somewhat reminds me of childhood showers. The notes of amber and vanilla also slightly remind me of Angel by Thierry Mugler. While Angle is more musky and deep, however, Honey Blossom is potent and sweet.

My only concern with this fragrance is wearing it sparingly. A little too much would be very noticable, unfortunately. Still, this scent is very recommended.

A 100 mL bottle from The Beehive retails for $35.00 CAD. This sample was 0.7 mL.

Sample value: $0.25 CAD

Villainess Scintillating bar soap

Lastly, we have Villainess Scintillating bar soap. This is the second time in 3 months that Glymm has featured a product by Villainess, and I did previously enjoy their whipped body cream. Subscribers will have received this bar soap or dirt Sugar Scrub. I’ll admit that dirt has piqued my interests as of late, but I still love Villainess and am happy regardless.

Villainess Scintillating bar soap unwrapped

This soap is vanilla and peppermint scented – just in time for the holiday season. And it does smell fantastic. I found it left my skin residue free, clean feeling, and smelling delicious. Definitely highly recommended.

A 3.5 oz bar of soap sells for $6.00. This sample was 0.5 oz.

Sample value: $0.86 CAD

In total, the samples in this bag were valued at $9.91 CAD – the box itself costs $12.00 CAD before tax. The most expensive part of the bag was the bag itself, which is priced at $12.00 CAD, so including the cost of the bag, the total box value was $21.91 CAD. Nevertheless, this box was a HUGE disappointment. What happened to deluxe samples and full-sized product treats? Come on Glymm, get it together. You has some really great boxes before November!

My December subscription had already renewed before I had to the chance to review and calculate this box, so I will be reviewing December’s box regardless. Nevertheless, if I face another month like this, I may have to cancel my account. I dislike paying for a lesser value, I’m sorry. :/ I may sound bratty, but welcome to capitalism, darling. Please the customer and swim, or don’t and sink.

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