Late September Haul Part 1: Julep, ShoeMint, The Body Shop

Late September Haul Part 1: Julep, ShoeMint, The Body Shop

I’m a bit of a shopping junkie, I’ll admit. I held off for the longest time because I didn’t have a steady income as a college student, but now that I’m working, I can’t stop buying things! All within a budgeted amount, of course, but I really should have better self-control than I do considering it could be going towards my student loans instead.

Anyway, here’s a haul of all the things I purchased in the latter half of September, most of which I finally got today and have been sitting in the leasing office for a few days. Excuse the crappy quality of the pictures — I took them on my phone because my phone’s camera app has better auto-detect lighting settings and I took them at night, but the quality is lower. Still saving up for the camera I want…

Not an exciting purchase really, but basically skincare is important! A few weeks ago, The Body Shop had a 40% off entire stock discount. I get all my face cremes from TBS because I think they make good, comfortable products for my skin.

Usually I use the aloe line for the night creme and the seaweed line for their day creme (pictured, blue container), but they were having an additional sale on their vitamin E line — 50% off day and night cremes. I pretty much caved since with the 40% discount, that discount, and the member rewards discount, it ended up being 27% of the original price, and I figured I could trade them in-store if I didn’t like them,

The mattifying seaweed is amazing though, so I had to grab one. I’m using the Neutrogena  Ageless Restoratives eye creme right now, but ever-curious, I grabbed the vit E eye creme too since I’ve heard good things about it. I think I like the Neutrogena one more (very dense and creamy) but it’ll be nice to have two things to switch between.

I go through cremes pretty fast so I grabbed a bunch this time since it was super cheap. Since both the day creme and night cremes were about ~$5 I figured I might as well get enough of them to get up to $50 rather than pay for shipping which would’ve been more than a product, anyway.

Next, we have Kathryn in pastel blue from ShoeMint. I’ve had an account for a while now but never had anything caught my eye enough to justify joining a monthly sub for shoes, especially $80 shoes. However, on the 19th they sent an email promising two Butter London polishes for new members who make their first purchase today, and how could I resist a promise of nail polish? These were actually on sale too so I ended up not paying the $80 anyway.

I think these shoes are gorgeous, but I would definitely not have paid $80 for them. I would rate their comfort probably a 3.5/5 — I definitely have more comfortable shoes, but the material was soft so it won’t take much breaking in. However, I feel like the quality is a little dubious. These are definitely a matted texture, when I thought they were going to be patent and shiny like the preview I saw on the site:

Also, if you can’t tell from my pictures, the heel does seem really thin and like it could possibly break — definitely something I’m worried about. For a discounted $50, which is what I paid for these shoes, I could get a pair from Sole Society at full price, and I know I like their shoes more.

They also didn’t send the Butter London polish with the package, which I was expecting. I called customer service to ask about it, and apparently they’re shipping separately, which they gave no notice about. Unfortunately, the girl working CS was also pretty rude (other than the extremely bright hello and goodbyes I got) and seemed pissed I was asking. As someone who’s made as many as 200 calls a day for my job, I know working on the phone can be tedious, but I still thought it was unacceptable.

Even price aside, I had some issues about the quality of the product:

The material was definitely weirdly lumpy in some of the places, which was noticeable upon first glance. I’m sure it’ll get worse as I actually wear them in, but I don’t want to receive shoes I bought like that.

Overall, I’m probably not going to buy shoes again from them unless if they present an extremely good deal like this with the Butter polish. If I want to spend $80 on a pair of shoes, I’ll just walk around at Macy’s until something catches my eye and is in the right price range. Sticking out the sub for a few months, and waiting on that shipment now and I’ll receive them when they get here!

Lastly, Julep’s October box in It Girl which features Leslie (black with shimmer) and Caroline (red with shimmer). The first picture shows off the red colour much better which is why I have both.

I already have a silver shatter, but I was intrigued by the two other colours in the box and just tacked on the quick-dry drops as my add-on. I’ll probably end up gifting the shatter to a certain friend but even if I don’t, silver is my favourite of the shatters.

I haven’t tried the polishes yet, but I’ll put up swatches when I do. I think the glitter as the extra freebies is adorable. Unfortunately I ate about 2/3rds of the candy corn before I realised it would be a good idea to take a picture, lol oops.

Next, Part 2 of my late September haul: Just Fab, OPI, and Teavana.

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