(Very!) Late September Haul Part 2: OPI,  Teavana, & JustFab

(Very!) Late September Haul Part 2: OPI, Teavana, & JustFab

The last time I wrote this post, I meant “late” September haul as in things I bought late in September… now it seems like the title is referring to the ridiculous lateness of the post (very apt).

Meanie slave-driver Rykea is demanding I finish writing this haul post because she can’t post her October Glymm bag review until I post this… admittedly I also can’t post my October Birchbox and ipsy reviews until I post it either, so she probably has a point.

Also my new camera (Canon EOS Rebel T4i!!) came in today so I don’t have an excuse anymore. The excuse that I could only take crappy pictures so I should wait until I could take good pictures to write. Guess I don’t have that excuse anymore. Excuse the quality of some of the pictures though; I only started learning this camera today.

Anyway, onto the topic of this post: OPI, Teavana, and JustFab.

Left to Right: OPI Grape Set Match, Steady as She Rose, The One That Got Away

OPI: Every girl’s nail polish obsession. Fortunately for me, there’s a small indie salon-boutique in the mall I live by back home which sells polish and other salon goodies… and they put all the OPI that’s been sitting around for a year in a discount bin, so all the better for me!

I’ve been pining after Steady as She Rose (Pirates of the Caribbean collection) for a while, but when I got to the store, which also carries Zoya, I was surprised how close it and Zoya Kendale look in the bottle! Thankfully, the manager was kind enough to let me swatch the two on paper, and SASR is quite a bit lighter… so in the way all nail polish addicts do, I justified getting it.

The One That Got Away (Katy Perry collection) was something I was on the fence about getting since I’m not much of a red girl, but the glitter and the flash convinced me. When I put this one, I was wearing this blue and white striped shirt which looked gorgeous together with it. I’m not sure why but I’m definitely wearing that shirt+polish combo again.

Grape Set Match (Serena Williams collection) was something that’d been on my radar but wasn’t on my must-have list. I already have a bunch of polishes of dark purple polishes in that vein because I always buy the same colors over and over (name, Sephora by OPI’s Just a Little Dangerous comes to mind),  but the multichrome glitter convinced me! Sigh. I wish I had more nails or some way I could wear a bunch of different polish at the same time.

Satisfied with my new polish, I walked past Teavana where I was instantly drawn to the tea. A sales associate smiled at me guilelessly and lured me in with free tea. At first I was just having a good time, walking around and trying tea. And then I saw this cup.

My life was ruined. I had to get it. Why? Because the cup has a tail.

I’m still cooing over it. It’s ridiculously cute and I do not care if I got duped into buying ridiculously overpriced (but delicious!) tea as a result as well.

JustFab – Tour de Force

Unlike many girls, I actually don’t have a bag addiction. Mostly due to the fact that I am actually extremely  lazy and it’s way too much effort for me to keep moving all my stuff from one bag to another. For this reason, I’ve been in search of The Perfect bag for a while.

A few days after ipsy relaunched, I was sent an email by the company encouraging me with a $20 off coupon to JustFab which is a subscription service focused on shoes. I do love shoes, but I am a hoarder who loves a good deal more, so I decided to try it out.

They also had this flash sale going on at the same time which was $15 off your first purchase… Since I was a little skeptical about their shoes, I figured I might as well grab a bag, and saw Tour de Force.

I ended up returning the shoes (they were quite uncomfortable, unfortunately). The bag stayed.

I’ve gotten a ridiculous number of compliments on the bag. The color is beautiful (mostly true to color in the pictures, though the lighting in my room is a little weird right now). It’s spacious without being huge and the right size for what I need, so an overall versatile bag. Extremely pleased.

I’m not getting another pair of shoes from JustFab, but I’m so pleased with the bag I think I’ll get another with the return credits I got from the shoes. I will, of course, write about it when I do.

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