Glymm Box: October 2012

Glymm Box: October 2012

For those in the know, feel free to skip this blurb, but for those new to Glymm or monthly luxe subscriptions, Glymm is one of many “beauty box” services in which, for a small monthly fee, you are sent a box of beauty samples (and sometimes full-size products) to try out at your own leisure.

Glymm, I would argue, has several associated perks: 1) they ship to and within Canada (which many beauty boxes do not), 2) if you like any of the products you are sent, you can order the full-size version directly from the online Glymm Store (no need to hunt around for any rare brands), and 3) by placing orders with them, buying box subscriptions, inviting friends, and filling out monthly surveys, you can earn points that help you save money on future purchases (and who doesn’t love a rewards/loyalty system?).

First off, the product card is back! This is so pleasing! I really do like to read up about a product before using it, and not every product contains a lengthy Info/Instructions section on the bottle/packaging nowadays. While the information was always available on Glymm’s website, it’s nice not to have to hunt around online for a product that you’re holding in your hands. Glymm also decided to bring the product card back with environmentally friendly paper, so A+ for them.

Also, the bag colour is gorgeous. Although the same, structurally, as the white bag from last month, even I can appreciate an intense pink. Makes you less likely to lose it in your bathroom or forget it at your local gym.

Speaking of pink, a breast cancer ribbon was also included as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Glymm has actually been doing something fantastic this month at their online store to support this cause. A percentage of proceeds from purchases made at their shop will be donated to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. In my opinion, more businesses and retailers should be taking causes such as these on – not specifically just breast cancer, but related and other public health concerns. Once again, A+ for Glymm.

First up, Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme, a daily hydration cream for your hair that is supposed to soften and banish dry hair while adding a plump sheen. In a nutshell, moisturizing, shiny, volumized. It apparently also softens dry, crunchy curls. So I decided it put it to the test as I have chemically-damaged naturally-curly hair.

To see how moisturizing this product really is, I washed my hair and didn’t apply conditioner. As per the bottle’s recommendations, I used roughly a tablespoon of creme, rubbed it into my hands, and applied to damp/wet hair. Then I did something I rarely do: I let my hair dry naturally, thus curl. The curl I got was gorgeous: thick, bouncy, shiny. For me, when my hair curls, it’s very hit or miss, and the miss tends to be influenced by not using enough conditioner. With this buttercreme, I never used any conditioner and got great results. I would, however, use more than the suggested amount in the future to get even more luscious results (my damaged hair could stand for even more moisture).

Overly, highly recommended if you have naturally curly hair.

Next, Lash Card mascara shields for your eyelids and brow line. This is one of those products that if you don’t need it, you don’t need it, and if you do need it, you really need it. I, for example, have a few mascara wands that are perfect for defining my lashes. Sadly, they are also perfectly designed to paint the rest of my surrounding face black. (I also get periodic shakes because I’m that much of a caffeine addict, so that doesn’t help either.)

The cards come with two differently sized ends, one for smaller, very circular eyes and one for broader eyes, which is nice as we all know one size never fits all. My eyes are very round, so I used the smaller circular end. It does take getting used to, using one hand to hold the Lash Card (I suggest your non-dominant hand) and the other to apply mascara. By the second eye, I felt I had the knack of it though.

Slight discomfort aside, I found these cards really let me tackle my lashes, root to tip, without worry of painting my brow ridge black. Even if you rarely make a mess, these cards may help you more thoroughly apply your mascara. If you’re messy regardless, I would definitely suggest giving these a shot. They’re relatively cheap ($6.00 CAD for a pack of 10) and you can also reuse them (in my opinion; the manufacturer may disagree).

Overall, recommended and worth a try, no matter how messy you are.

Femme Couture Lightning Lash Lengthening Mascara. Have I recently mentioned how much I love getting full sized products? This mascara totes a $14.00 CAD value, and as I only paid $12.00 CAD (+ tax) for the entire box, I’ve already gotten more than what I paid with this one item.

Close-up view of Lightening Lash applicator brush

I’ve tried a lot of mascara, and no matter what the packaging attests, many of them do one or two of the same things: lengthen and/or volumize. What a product should be based on, at the end of the day, is how long it lasts, its “clump factor”, and if it easily smears. In regards to application, the thin, short brushes on the applicator make it easy to get close to the roots of your lashes without worry of stabbing yourself in the eye (definitely a plus, especially when you have caffeine shakes). Lashes don’t clump too badly (on a scale from 0 [completely clumpy] to 5 [clump-free], I’d give it a 4), and while I didn’t see a huge increase in volume (which is expected, as it isn’t a volumizing mascara), it does lengthen quite well. Additionally, it leaves lashes slightly soft (no one likes crusty lashes) and feeling light (opposed to having heavy lids).

If you’re looking for a new lengthening mascara to try, I recommend giving this product a shot. I know I’ll continue to use it.

Two sample-sized tubes of Cyberderm H20 Hydration facial moisturizer. The product card also listed Cyberderm Every Morning Sun Whip, which I did not receive. There may have been a slight mix-up resulting in me getting two H20 Hydration tubes instead of one of each, but as the H20 Hydration product is near double the cost of Every Morning Sun Whip and because I’m very unlikely to get sun damage during autumn on Canada’s east coast, I have no qualm.

In addition to being a daily moisturizer, it is also an anti-aging product. As much as many of us don’t think about age-related skin concerns while we’re young, it’s how we treat our skin during our youth that helps determine how we age. Worth considering, especially if you’re a smoker or are looking at a vast family history of age-related skin concerns.

As for Cyberderm H20 Hydration, like most facial moisturizers I use, I applied it following my shower routine. The product is very light and scent-free. Unlike last month‘s face cream, it actually succeeded in making my skin feel fresh, hydrated, and clean without turning it into an oily, greasy mess. For me, this point is make-or-break, so I was very impressed.

Highly recommended if you’re willing to overlook the $60.00 CAD price tag.

Lastly, an 88mL bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil, a product probably every North American was bathed in for the first few years of their life. Glymm has included this product to advertise their upcoming Glymm Mama box line for new and expecting mothers. While I do not fit into this demographic, I actually think it’s a great venture. New Moms ad Moms-to-be deserve to look beautiful too, but a major concern with pregnancy is the safety level of our everyday products and how they could adversely affect our children (especially those in utero). I really hope Glymm takes a health-conscious and/or organic direction with this line.

Nevertheless, for us brood-less babes, baby oil makes for a sensual bath ingredient, a great moisturizing skin agent, a quick and easy shaving solution, and a fantastic makeup remover. The only thing I wouldn’t do with it is wash your dishes in it. Honestly, this product never goes astray, so it was a nice addition.

That’s it for this month, girls. Please leave your comments and feedback below, and let us know what you think of Glymm‘s October box or my review of these products. Until next time! xx

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